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Another True Marketing Adventure…About The Author.

Alan Pollock’s life has been a marketing adventure.  It started in California where he was a package designer working on such accounts as Max Factor and Paul Masson Winery.  He then moved to Hawaii where he was responsible for a national product launch for Perfumes of Hawaii while marketing Hawaiian Tropic Suntan products.

From there he founded Loomis & Pollock Inc., a full service advertising agency with accounts in tourism, hospitality, banking, retail, manufacturing, insurance, automotive, construction, food services, petroleum and politics. The agency even got several mayors and a congressman elected!

Alan sold the agency seventeen years later and went to the client side working for ITOEN (USA), Japan’s second largest beverage manufacturer and then The Ohana Foundation, a multi-national high-tech start-up company.

Most recently he was vice president of marketing for Time Warner Cable in Hawaii, responsible for over 400,000 subscribers while launching new products and services. He introduced the company to a customer retention program that saved the Hawaii division $4,900,000 in five years.

In between all that he was a cartoonist and editorial cartoonist for a number of publications and newspapers and even taught a few college classes in the evenings.

Currently, he is the principal of Marketing Strategies, a marketing and  business consulting firm in Honolulu.

His passion is branding, launching new products and growing businesses but his focus is and will always be about the person who makes the final decision in the business process. The customer.

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