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Up Selling Isn’t A Hard Sell

30 Apr

Every Business Should Be Up Selling.  Up selling is easy, profitable and a win-win for you and the customer. Up selling is easy to do because your customer has already decided to make a purchase. She has crossed the divide from the barren land of uncertainty to the green lush land of gratification. You know [ Read more ]

Are On-Line Surveys Effective?

23 May

Take this survey and find out Are you getting on-line survey fatigue? More and more companies are wanting your opinion and it is not because you have become more interesting. On-line surveys are cheap to administer and the more they know about you, the more effectively they can sell to you and others like you. [ Read more ]

Make-Up Marketing, the Ultimate In Customer Service

24 Sep

Couple arguing and mad at each other

It’s like make-up sex…but not as much fun. Make-up sex is nature’s way of keeping the divorce rate down. Not only do partners forgive one another after a bad argument, but enjoy the bliss of being in one another’s arms afterwards. This feeling of bliss after days or weeks of pent-up stress often brings couples [ Read more ]

Lifetime Value: The Secret to Success in Marketing.

25 May

man sitting in a limousine

How Much Are You Worth? Your fifth grade teacher may have one answer and your stock broker another. But as a marketer, knowing your customers worth (known as a customer’s lifetime value) is essential in developing or implementing a marketing plan. So, what are you worth, to say, your favorite clothing store or restaurant? My favorite pizza joint [ Read more ]

Writing Highly Effective Ads

3 Apr

frustrated writer

Highly effective ads require more than creative writing. It requires a compelling benefit or promise that allures the reader; an offer they can’t refuse. Perhaps the real creativity in writing good ad copy, therefore, is not in how an ad is written, but how the offer is presented. The most effective ad I ever wrote [ Read more ]

Positioning: It’s The “Magic” In Marketing.

2 Apr


Perception is reality. In the late 70’s while in college, I worked as a package designer in Los Angeles and got involved in the cusps of a feminine fade that spread across the country. No, it wasn’t the Farah Fawcett look! It was a product that promised women youth and beauty. A wonder drug that [ Read more ]

Increasing Store Traffic: Crowds Attract Crowds

29 Feb

shoppers in crowded store

I was twelve when I got my first marketing lesson at The Pink Poodle. Before the proliferation of McDonald’s and all the other fast food restaurants, places like the Pink Poodle dotted the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. They served hot dogs, hamburgers, milk shakes and almost anything else that was unhealthy but tasted good. It [ Read more ]

Viral Marketing: Creating A Buzz For Your Business

2 Feb

There has been much written on viral marketing and how to put a business on the map using social media. But before that can be done, there needs to be something to talk about; something to get people excited about so they will talk about your business. One way to create a buzz is to create a surprise.  People [ Read more ]

How To Motivate Employees

4 Jan

What Drives Your Team? Keeping employees highly motivated is challenging.  At least it was for me, during the seventeen years I ran an advertising agency in Honolulu. It was no wonder, when I went to Lex Brodie’s Tire Company to buy tires, I was dumbfounded. When I pulled up to park the car, a service representative [ Read more ]

Making Buying Decisions

12 Dec

Honey, Are You In The Mood? I hate to shop. I do it when I have to, er, I mean, when my wife asks me to. I’m rarely in the mood to make buying decisions. Luckily, for retailers, I am an anomaly. For most people (and all women), buying stuff is a source of comfort [ Read more ]