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How To Motivate Employees

4 Jan

What Drives Your Team? Keeping employees highly motivated is challenging.  At least it was for me, during the seventeen years I ran an advertising agency in Honolulu. It was no wonder, when I went to Lex Brodie’s Tire Company to buy tires, I was dumbfounded. When I pulled up to park the car, a service representative [ Read more ]

Making Buying Decisions

12 Dec

Honey, Are You In The Mood? I hate to shop. I do it when I have to, er, I mean, when my wife asks me to. I’m rarely in the mood to make buying decisions. Luckily, for retailers, I am an anomaly. For most people (and all women), buying stuff is a source of comfort [ Read more ]

Three Lessons To Learn About Sales Commissions and Merchandising.

21 Nov

Secrets to merchandising, sales commissions and wall paper: There was a wildly popular chain of small department stores in New Zealand that was managed and operated by the person who founded it over 40 years ago. The chain of stores was so successful, a corporate conglomerate bought it out and the founder left the business a wealthy man. Several years [ Read more ]