Direct Mail

Direct mail is the most effective form of advertising if you have a good mailing list.

It is also known as junk mail if you send a piece to someone who can not relate to it or is not interested in the subject matter. Below is one of my all time favorite direct mail pieces. Like all good advertisements, the first objective of the direct mail piece is to get noticed and to get read!

This piece was mailed to households prior to a door to door sales team going into their neighborhood. It was so effective, several people actually called the police after sighting the people featured in the mail piece. English was their second language and the “Neighborhood Alert” got their attention. (Click images to enlarge).

Using humor to get attention


How do you get people’s attention? Offer them something free. This piece was targeted to existing cable customers that did not have high speed internet service.

Pay-Per-View direct mail piece


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