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How do you turn a commodity like internet service into a brand? This small space print campaign gives personality to the product while highlighting its features and benefits.  (To enlarge, click image).

Print ad Print Ad Print ad Print ad Small space print ad










































How do you promote digital cable TV’s 300 channels and the new On Demand feature? By demonstrating cable upgrade has something for the entire family, no matter how diverse individual family members interests or viewing habits are.   (To enlarge, click image).digital TV5 digital TV4 digital TV3 Print ad


















Print ad












A compelling headline creates curiosity and can make a simple ad very effective, as demonstrated  with this simple newspaper ad for a golf course real estate development.   (To enlarge, click image).

small space print ad











By turning this sale into an exhibit and highlighting the products unique characteristics, this jewelry ad took on a personality of its own and made it stand out from other jewelry sale ads.   (To enlarge, click image).














This full page magazine ad for Tahiti Pearls established the brand in Hawaii. When marketing quality and elegance, less is more. Interesting to note how long it took us to cast for this shot. Isn’t the fish beautiful?   (To enlarge, click image).


































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