Radio Commercials

Radio is a medium hard to beat. Unlike television, a good creative spot can be produced inexpensively. Secondly, though traditional media has become fragmented by new media, there are still drive times in every market (where people are enjoying music, talk shows, and  DJs while they inch along in traffic.  Lastly, radio is an efficient media because you can change the creative quickly.
Below are samples of radio spots with very low production costs. The first, titled “The Funeral” was created for Time Warner Cable. Now it seems obvious, but back when you Millennium’s were mere pups, everyone had a VCR, and no one knew what a DVR was or why you would want to replace your perfectly fine recorder. Tell me if this spot doesn’t educate you in sixty seconds.

“The Funeral” :60 seconds

If “The Funeral”  didn’t convince you to get a DVR, perhaps a promotion would. This next spot uses humor to sell, which is always a good tactic. (Created for the Hawaii market the reference to “Black Point” refers to the most expensive community on Oahu).

“Spare Change” :60 seconds

How can a jewelry sale cut through the clutter on radio? By creating a theme for their promotion. And no, “25% off on selected merchandise”, is not a theme. This spot takes the listener on a journey. View the print ad which supported this radio campaign on the print section of this blog.

“The Colombia Connection” :30 seconds

Testimonials are the most effective form of advertising. Using a real patient, this spot generated a tremendous amount of interest for the clinic. Good editing and using the right questions allowed us to steer the patient in the direction we wanted during the recording.

“Army Ranger” :60 seconds

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and in this spot, Time Warner Cable imitated a match-making service to creatively promote the advantages of digital cable service.

“eHarmony” :30 seconds


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