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Make-Up Marketing, the Ultimate In Customer Service

24 Sep

Couple arguing and mad at each other

It’s like make-up sex…but not as much fun. Make-up sex is nature’s way of keeping the divorce rate down. Not only do partners forgive one another after a bad argument, but enjoy the bliss of being in one another’s arms afterwards. This feeling of bliss after days or weeks of pent-up stress often brings couples [ Read more ]

How To Motivate Employees

4 Jan

What Drives Your Team? Keeping employees highly motivated is challenging.  At least it was for me, during the seventeen years I ran an advertising agency in Honolulu. It was no wonder, when I went to Lex Brodie’s Tire Company to buy tires, I was dumbfounded. When I pulled up to park the car, a service representative [ Read more ]

Craving For Loyal Customers?

10 Nov

Make your customers not only addicted to what you sell but how you sell it. I am a self-proclaimed pizza-holic.  I consume a pizza a week almost every week. I even got my wife hooked. We can’t stop. To my good fortune, Antonio’s New York Pizzeria is a few miles from my home. Antonio’s is one of the best [ Read more ]

Customer Communications: It could be life threatening.

24 Oct

Are you dying for attention? When I left my job, I  left a terrific medical plan which covered me at almost any doctor in town.  Luckily, I was able to get coverage from my wife’s employer, who is insured with Kaiser Permanente. I wasn’t too excited about changing doctors and health plans, but I was due my annual physical, so [ Read more ]

Customer Service: A Warm Greeting with a Cold Sandwich.

14 Oct

A hollow gesture is hard to digest. I like a good sandwich, so it is no wonder I frequent Subway Restaurants for lunch quite often.  I noticed a little over a year ago they began to greet me each time I entered the eatery with a warm bellowing “Hello, welcome to Subway”. Nice.  Subway must [ Read more ]