TV Commercials

This Oceanic Time Warner Cable branding TV spot used real employees and their children to demonstrate “All The Things We Are” to the communities they serve in Hawaii. The objective was to promote the importance the company plays in the community as well as the importance the community is to Hawaii.

The next two Road Runner High-Speed Internet service commercials highlight the benefits of the service by making the features memorable while entertaining the viewer.

The best way to promote On Demand and digital cable to a diverse audience is to appeal to that diverse audience. View the print campaign that supported this by going back to the home page and clicking on “Print Ad”.

Rebranding ITOEN Iced Coffee to Royal Mills consisted of a new brand name and logo, new packaging and a new TV commercial. The efforts paid off with a 30% lift in supermarket sales.

When this healthcare provider started advertising, it had no name recognition. Worse than that, its name was almost identical to its competitor who dominated the market. In thirty seconds, we turned lemons into lemonade. After the campaign their double digit growth made this one of our most successful clients.

This is one of my favorites, because I love pizza. At the time, Dominos Pizza was known best for their delivery service, so that is what we promoted. Using the famous “Hawaii Calls” radio program name from the 40’s and 50’s, we created a unique jingle and while using real United States Marines, produced a fun, memorable spot that suggested that everyone (in Hawaii) is calling Dominos for hot fresh pizza.

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